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Gunsmithing Service and Firearm Repairs, since 1968


Workshop on the premises

Our trained gunsmiths, directed personally by Arthur Branthwaite, provide the knowledgeable and sensitive skill required to repair and restore best quality shotguns to their former glory. More guns are ruined by bad gunsmithing than by any amount of shooting.

Examples of the work we undertake at A Branthwaite Gunsmiths
  • Strip and clean
  • Tighten action
  • Lengthen chambers to 2¾" and re-proving
  • Raise dents in barrels and black
  • Fit new barrels and re-proof testing
  • Alter chokes
  • Restocking
  • Gun fitting and stock alteration
  • Make new springs/ strikers


Shotgun Barrel Work 


Strip Relay Ribs & Blacking S/S and O/U


General Service with no faults (no additional repairs required). Black Furniture

Complete Metal Black for all gun. including barrels.

Mini Service

Firing Pins 

Interal with striker 

New hammers (Internal)

Ejectors from 

Tighten action bite and forend / bridge

Rejoint new poin / Spray welding & engraving & extra

Dents & Blacking (Including honing).


Adjust Sears / Triggers ach

Mainspring upwards

Stocking B/L or S/L and wood

Cast stocks Thermo Element

Checkering Refurnish Stock / Forend (Oil Finish)